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Trip to Maui...Started It All

Maui, the Valley Isle, is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. This island features everything from gorgeous highlands with amazing views to lush green rain forests to a majestic volcano that rises high above the ocean. There is absolutely no lack of beautiful dreamy scenes to delight the eyes!

My wife and I were able to go to Maui this past December. In 20 years of marriage, we have never took a trip like this, just the two of us. We went with some friends of ours who were going for their 20th wedding anniversary. John was going to surprise his wife with a vow renewal ceremony on the beach, and we (I) was going to photograph it for them. I'll have more about that in another post.

Flying over the incredible expanse of the Pacific Ocean

To say this trip was amazing is a drastic understatement! I have never been on a trip like this to a place like Maui. To be honest, I haven't had much desire to go to #hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands always seem too touristy for me. Was I ever wrong!

Our first view of Maui

This island blew me away from the get go! As soon as we landed, I knew I was going to have a great time photographing this incredible place. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to half of the places that I wanted to. There just wasn't enough time; this trip any ways.

Our first day wasn't very active. We landed, did some grocery shopping, and checked in to our condo we were staying in. We stayed at Kihei Bay Surf condos. Ours was a 1 bedroom 1 bath condo that was very comfortable. We had a window A/C unit that did a decent job at keeping the place cool during the day and early evening. It was adequately supplied with dishes, pots and pans, full size fridge, and most importantly, a coffee pot. I found the bed pretty comfortable, but my wife greatly disagreed with me. For me to find any bed comfortable, other than my own Sleep Number bed, is pretty amazing. To be honest, we didn't spend much time in the condo, but it was a very nice place to stay!

We ended the evening by eating at Outback Steakhouse. We were too tired to find a unique place to eat. Besides, I'm never one to turn down a steak! As tired as we were, we went back to the condo and hit the sack. Little did I know how this trip was going to affect and change me, and my direction for the future!

Sunrise our first morning in Maui from the balcony in our condo

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